Dalica Design

Fiona: Ok what are we doing here?

dalica: We design ideas.

Fiona: What is an idea?

dalica: Idea, aka the concept, is the main step of making a brand iconic. That means blending the perfect copywriting with the ideal visuals. And all that with a catchy and strong meaning.

Fiona: How do you design an idea?

dalica: We put them on paper. Or should we say sketching pad, or iMac. Makes no difference cause as long as there are speakers playing loud music we can design on anything.

Fiona: And what comes after that?

dalica: The idea development. The way an idea is developed depends on the brand. Whether it’s via social media, through print or digital ads, bespoke approach ensures a high-quality marketing communication that looks great and is tailored to create real, tangible results.

Fiona: Is this what you do all day in front of the bright square thing?

dalica: Go chase your tail.

Fiona: I don’t get it.

dalica: Your tail?

Fiona: Your name. What kind of name is dalica?

dalica: Dalica is a large truck that is used for product transportation. Usually it…

Fiona: Oh! Even food?

dalica: Yes, even food. But that’s not the point, it can carry whatever. Dalica is a vehicle usually driven by men. We are a female-driven creative office based in Athens and we believe that change is around the corner. In all aspects of life change is the most challenging procedure, therefore we think outside of the box.

Fiona: You mean “outside of the truck”.

dalica: You’re hired!